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For example, General Schöning took "two of the most beautiful women in the world" in Buda who later converted to Christianity.Another Turkish captive named Fatima became the mistress of Augustus II the Strong, Elector of Saxony of the Albertine line of the House of Wettin.These changes in Germany, as well as the recently introduced German nationality laws in 19, shows that Turkish immigrants and second, third, and fourth generation Turks are no longer merely seen as "foreigners" ("Ausländer") in Germany but rather permanent residents who are increasingly making their voices heard, whether it be in local and national politics, civic actions, religious organisations, or in cinema, literature, music, and sports.Once the Ottoman army retreated from their unsuccessful campaign at the Battle of Vienna in 1683, many soldiers and camp followers were left behind.She was captured by General Schöning and later sent to Saxony where she became the mistress of Augustus II the Strong.

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Historical records show that some Turks became traders or took up other professions, particularly in southern Germany.Consequently, more Turks were taken by the Europeans as prisoners.Indeed, the Turkish captives taken to Germany were not solely made up of men.A smashing chance to view quality romance and super hot sex scenes in mind blowing positions.Only HD solo videos starring some of the finest pieces of ass on this planet.

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