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And I don't like playing that game she suggested, the whole "if he waits a day, you wait a day" texting back-and-forth. But maybe that's why things haven't worked out in the past? Take you out to a nice restaurant, like a strip house? KM: And I guess my other question is that also I'm bi, so I date women as well —PS: You can tell by your hair color!

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So they wait a day, you wait a day, they wait an hour, you wait an hour, they wait 10 minutes, you wait 10 minutes. AM: The other question that I have is that I've sort of given up on dating men in their thirties. What happened next was pretty much what we expected: Patti got really REAL with anyone who asked for her advice. If he's your guy he'll walk over and buy you a drink. These few intrepid souls surely knew what they were getting into, but did Patti's blunt (and sometimes crass) advice actually help? Krystie Yandoli: If I have to make the first move and initiate hanging out with someone or talking to someone, does that generally mean that this person isn't into me? But I wouldn't do the first move because that's masculine energy and you want him to be the man. If he's not, he's switch-hitting for the other team, he's got a girlfriend, you're a blonde, he wants a brunette, or he's passive-aggressive, which is the guy you're talking about right now. Krystie's response: I wouldn't say that Patti Stanger has progressive or modern views on dating, especially when it comes to anything outside of the heteronormative bubble that she assumes most people are a part of (assuming you're straight unless you say otherwise). In the Abbey in LA., which is the gay hotspot that the gay community has hugged, there might be one lesbian there but she's always hooked up. Though I once was a lesbian, so that's another story for you. Krutika's response: Aw Patti Stanger, America's interrupting aunt. He's messaged me twice in 24 hours, should I write him back? There is something about "you can be best friends and still hit it," so I do understand you. But maybe she saw what I really am (a terrible person?

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