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Some times I could control the dark spots but here lately I have not been able to I guess because I'm doing more stressing about than tryna to keep it down. I was diagnosed with a cist at 19 when i found out I was pregnant.. Good luck ladies I'm not sure if I have PCOS but I do have facial hair on my cheeks, chin, sparsely around nipples and on lower stomach. I considered laser hair removal but wasn't sure. Hey, I was diagnosed with PCOS a couple of years ago, but have had symptoms for about 10 yrs.I'm currently in a relationship and I swear sometimes my boyfriend be embrssed of me but it just be my insecurty because he will rub my face and kiss on it but he aint got to embrassed of me cause I'm embrassed of myself sometimes and sometimes I really don't care but lately I have been burning my face up using all kinds of products on my face to get rid of the dark spots. I also live in Cleveland and saw that you went to a Dr. If possible could you give me his first name so that I can look him up?I've become very skilled at covering the hyperpigmentation up with concealer but I'm so tired of it.The plucking on my neck has caused so much hyperpigmentation that I have to conceal it or people would look at me and ask me, "What's wrong with your neck?Hormones out of wack, abnormal periods, I gain 50lbs in like 3-4 months. I have gained weight throughout the years but never like this. It has help me a lot and your testimony has helped me out a lot. My high school boyfriend discovered my first hair when I was in 10th grade so I was like 15.I will try the things you have tried and pray to God that He gives me the same results as you. As the years went on and I gain more weight, the hair got worse. I never heard of pcos before until I went to visit a electrolysis who insisted that I have this condition due to the texture of my hair. but from her years of practice, she knows that I have this condition. I stopped taking it in the middle of the pack and went right back to vitex.I don't know if the testing is more sophisticated now but I had new testing done and it did indicate that my free weak testosterone was elevated.

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And it seems like the skin is getting thicker in that area. I'm praying for you all and please pray for me too Hello. I was just diagnosed with PCOS although I've had symptoms of it since I was 12 (hirsutism) and I am now 36.My hirsutism was diagnosed as idiopathic because the testing I had did not indicate an elevated testosterone level.I want children and it has been hard for me to conceive but I know God will bless me with children because that is His promise to me but I know He wants me healthy. My mother recommended vitex to me and it took about 4 months before I noticed a difference, but my periods came back to normal and my moods improved quite a bit. I know that most of my problems are because of my eating habits and my weight.I've only been pregnant once in my life after trying for 3yrs straight with my ex-husband. But now I'm married again and I'm trying again for a child but things have gotten real crazy with my body. I had been experiencing the crazy hair growth on my neck, chin, and jawline. On my last appointment to see my Doctor, she put me on birth control and told me to stop taking the vitex because it wasn't aporved by the FDA. I have done so much research on this, that at the end of the day I really just have to lose weight because I'm tired of hiding because of this excess hairgrowth and not allowing my husband to kiss me on my cheek or neck. I stopped taking it in the middle of the pack and went right back to vitex.

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