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They're the ones who might dress a little boldly or even flamboyantly.

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One of the reasons that testosterone gets such short shrift in discussions about women's health is that women just don't manufacture much of it, but therein lies one of the reasons the whole issue is so misunderstood.

The remaining half is produced in peripheral tissues from various chemical precursors produced in the ovaries and adrenals.

The main precursor is androstenedione, which became a household word a few years back when a reporter espied a bottle in Mark Mc Gwire's locker.

Sure, men typically make 8 to 10 times more testosterone than women every day, but that doesn't mean the average healthy man is 8 to 10 times more masculine than the average healthy woman, especially as evidenced by some of the men walking around Whole Foods nowadays.

Nope, in women, testosterone is only a part of a complicated chemical profile that results in them being far more sensitive to its effects than men. Conversely, while women are considered to be "all estrogen," the testosterone levels in healthy women are 10 times greater than their estrogen levels.

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