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Close to 6,000 Younger Futhark inscriptions are known, many of them on runestones.Elder Futhark inscriptions were rare, with very few active literati, in relation to the total population, at any time, so that knowledge of the runes was probably an actual "secret" throughout the Migration period.An important Proto-Norse inscription was on one of the Golden horns of Gallehus (early 5th century). There are several legible and partly interpretable inscription that date from the 1st half of the 5th century such as a Silver neck ring found near Aalen with "noru" inscribed in runic alphabets on its inner edge.others discoveries were unearthed around Germany, Denmark, Norway, Hungary, Belgium, England and Bosnia.Of 366 lances excavated at Illerup, only 2 bore inscriptions.A similar ratio is estimated for Alemannia, with an estimated 170 excavated graves to every inscription found (Lüthi 203) Estimates of the total number of inscriptions produced are based on the "minimal runological estimate" of 40,000 (ten individuals making ten inscriptions per year for four centuries).

The earliest period of Elder Futhark (2nd to 4th centuries) predates the division in regional script variants, and linguistically essentially still reflect the Common Germanic stage.

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A runic inscription is an inscription made in one of the various runic alphabets.

The precise figures are debatable because some inscriptions are very short and/or illegible so that it is uncertain whether they qualify as an inscription at all.

The division into Scandinavian, North Sea (Anglo-Frisian), and South Germanic inscription makes sense from the 5th century.

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