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There were Iron Age hill forts on Mynydd Dinas, Mynydd Margam, Mynydd Emroch and other nearby hills.

Mynydd Hawdef contains remains of an ancient Iron Age village.

It was therefore 85 years after the phrase 'Port Talbot' was first used that it became officially recognised as the town's name.

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The name 'Port Talbot' first appears in 1837 as the name of the new docks built on the south east side of the river Afan by the Talbot family.Over time it came to be applied to the whole of the emerging conurbation.The earliest evidence of humans in the Port Talbot area has been found on the side of Mynydd Margam where Bronze Age farming ditches can be found from 4,000 BC.The town is still said to be the most polluted place in Wales and the most polluted in the United Kingdom outside London.South East of Port Talbot is dominated by Pennant sandstone which forms this high relief area including Mynydd Margam, Mynydd Dinas and the other mountains.

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