Facebook rss feed not validating

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I just tried to validate them in the W3C feed validator.

Thanks Ok, i guess it is Facebooks fault, there feeds do not validate.

Exchange friends_with friends_status.php, leave everything else. Voila, you have your own status feed, that just includes YOUR status updates! Thnks But now i'm trying to figure out what "flid" is and how to get it. with "flid=508498823062" he can makes a "single status" feed from one of his friends....

And use custom filters module to do things like links Twitter @mentions, #hashtags, and text.

It appears we can only find RSS feeds on 'notes' or 'status' or 'friends status'... Nor any of which I care to feed a block on a website...

For the most part, notices are not an issue with feed validation. on another site this module is being used, I am pulling the facebook updates with an rss url that's not even a proper rss url, but it works... They don't seem to be in any hurry to fix either, from what Google has to to add to the confusion... The other site is pulling from a Facebook 'Fan' page though, not a user's wall or status. well, it works in so much that the updates are being feed into a block on the site, but if someone clicks the link to the post, they are brought to the main facebook page, which is their own if they happen to be logged in, or they are taken to the login page.

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