Dragon age profile not updating

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In both cases you will need to go into the tapestry to choose what you did in that play-through / world state.So if you're having trouble getting your characters imported, remember the only difference will be visual (mostly the 2D portrait), and the most important thing is set up the world state itself that you want to use in Inquisition.I personally would just wait until the next game comes out and worry about making changes then, once they prove to me they are actually going to use this stuff and keep the same method for importing.I have seen too much modification to the import system over the games from DA: O, to DA2, to DAI to get all worried about what did or didn't tick on a tracking site. 4) Yeah, I understand and I am alot more relaxed about this stuff than most. 3) Have all the other choices come through making it up to date on everything else BUT these problem choices??Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts.My online profile is not updating my progress at all, the character is uploaded but still says i'm level 1 and have no stats, as if I'd just started the game. Also, I can't take screenshots myself, when I press printscreen, nothing happens.

But now Nothing will update my game progress in the Social Network site of Bioware. Be aware that site date and time does not = your computer date and time.There is a Dragon Age Keep button inside the Extras section in the game that does nothing but take you to the web site - it is not for importing.Patch 1.04 Release Note on Installing Awakening to a version of DA: O already patched to 1.04 [PC only] If you install the 1.04 patch prior to installing Awakening, you must run the 1.04 patch installer again after the Awakening install is complete.If you care to read it, here is a shot story about something that happened to me on the Bio Ware forum that revolves around your question. See this example below on how messed up the profile updating is on the site.......(Bear with me on this, and you will see my overall point so excuse the Wall-O-Text but it's necessary to show you the answer to your question)Here is the story: I posted a glitch on the Bioware site, how I had done everything else outside of Denerim, and the only place left to go was in the Eleven Alienage, but yet I couldn't get in there because due to having done everything outside Denerim, this in turn gave me no legitimate way to get in there.I also had the Urns Ashes 2 days before killing the high dragon...

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