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” Not even a second later, this girl is letting me have it. You’ve been giving me hard eye contact since we started, you’re extremely close to me, and you’re still standing here. I got options.” In a defensive tone, she announces “With that attitude, you’re not going to get anyone. You can’t act like an asshole and believe women will accept that.” Still looking at her pupils, I add on “I don’t give a fuck. Let me worry about my own problems.” and then I resumed the previous conversation with my friend. ” Without flinching or getting upset, I calmly say “Listen lady.Anyhow, here I am having a nice chat, when suddenly this Lebanese chick decides to barge in on my conversation. So I open up my mouth, and boldly declared “So what would you prefer instead? That I fill you in with things that I don’t care about?She looks at me and says “You sound like you could be a guy on the radio”. ” At this moment in time, my nutjob radar went off. When I talked to you the other day, I was being very real.

Perhaps this is why you would say such a thing.” When I’m done speaking, this woman puts on a smirk. One of them then tells me “Yes you are being direct, but the problem is that the way you are speaking is disrespectful.The lineup was large, and few people were engaging in conversation. ” I tell her “It’s The Prince, by Niccolo Machiavelli. Not even one sentence in, and these chicks are already busting my balls. I realize everyone in the bus is quiet, and are all eyeing in on the conversation.As a result, my voice was pretty loud, and most people just stood there in awkward silence listening to me. Mainly a political book, but it’s pretty good.” Next thing you know, this girl rips the book out of my hand and starts staring at the cover. I knew I would soon be the center of attention, but I didn’t care.You shouldn’t use profanity when talking to women, nor should you brush them off or make bold assumptions that they’re into you. “You girls say this nonsense because you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.You have to slowly ease into things, not escalate so quickly. There’s no need to talk the way you did.” At this point of the conversation, I was getting annoyed and pissed off. You’re young, inexperienced, and quite frankly don’t understand how attraction works in the real world.

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