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They rented Sara Mankiewicz’s, fully furnished, though Mankiewicz did pack up the Oscar won by her late husband, Herman, for writing So Didion and Dunne wanted in and got in, but they wanted in deeper.

Hollywood’s appeal for writers isn’t hard to figure: it’s about the only place they can strike it rich.

I don’t like to tell on Chris, but he wasn’t very fond of either of them.

I think he found her clammy.” (Isherwood already told on himself.

Joan Didion arrived in Los Angeles in 1964 on the way to becoming one of the most important writers of her generation, a cultural icon who changed L. Lili Anolik mines the author’s early years to examine Didion before all her first for the magazine, Joan Didion let drop that she and husband, John Gregory Dunne, were at the Royal Hawaiian hotel in Honolulu “in lieu of filing for divorce,” surely the most famous subordinate clause in the history of New Journalism, an insubordinate clause if ever there was one.

The poise of it, the violence, the cool-bitch chic—a writer who could be the heroine of a Godard movie!

I want you to understand exactly what you are getting.” I suppose I’m operating under a similar set of impulses—a mixture of candor, self-justification and self-dramatization, the dread of being misapprehended coupled with the certainty that misapprehension is inevitable (Didion’s style is catching, but not so much as her habit of thought)—when I tell you I’m scared of her.

Before I get into why, I need to clarify something I said.

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They seemed much less ambivalent in their early years. A line invoked by both so often you know they must have believed it gospel is from F.

Or, rather, something I didn’t say and won’t say, but which I’m anxious you’re going to think I said: that Didion isn’t a brilliant writer.

She a brilliant writer—sentence for sentence, among the best this country’s ever produced. in June of 1964 was no more Joan Didion than Norma Jeane Baker was Marilyn Monroe, or Marion Morrison was John Wayne, or, for that matter, Andrew Warhola was Andy Warhol. The California she grew up in—the Sacramento Valley—was closer in spirit to the Old West than to the sun-kissed, pleasure-mad movie colony. Both had been working as journalists, she for had been published the year before.

He makes numerous unflattering references to Didion and Dunne—“Mrs. Know-All”—in his diaries.)The basic plan, careerwise, seems to have been that Nick would provide Didion and Dunne with introductions and they’d try their hands, collective—it would be a team effort—at scriptwriting.

Their hands would remain idle for seven years, not counting an episode of It would become the primary home for her work until its publisher filed for bankruptcy in 1969.

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