Dating rickenbacker 4001 bass

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Originally this bass was only available in a Fireglo finish.1961 - Introduced 1963 - Bridge with under string mutes was added 1965 - Black plastic seven-sided knobs with silver tops replaced all black Bakelite knobs 1965 - Mapleglo finish became optionally available 1965 - Three special six-string 4001 basses were produced 1969 - Ric-O-Sound became standard instead of an optional feature 1969(1971) - High gain single-coil pickup and cover replaced horseshoe bridge pickup. ) - 9th dot inlay position marker was added in between the 18th and 19th frets (????This bass was originally designed for use with flat-wound strings.

[The following article is a compilation of data from various sources describing the different Rickenbacker bass models.Originally available only in Mapleglo and older style Fireglo (2 tone brown sunburst) finishes.1957 - Prototype sent for photographing in April 1957 - Introduced in June 1957 - (Late) movable bridge with string mute ????The two pickups were moved to have the same location as a Fender Jazz bass. 1980 - Introduced (replaced the 4001 model) 1982 to 1983 Rickenbacker B Series of Fireglo colors (three-color sunburst finish: black/red/yellow) 1983 - Schaller BMC chrome machine heads replaced Grover sealed back machine heads 1985(1984?) - One piece pickguard replaces two-piece pickguard 1985 (1984? ) - Truss rod adjustment changed to headstock end 1988/1989 - Bridge pickup capacitor removed and replaced with a shunt.

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