Dating my college professor

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We became friends because we both were forced to take lunch at due to afternoon classes and shared vaguely similar academic interests.He eventually friended me on Facebook, which I thought was a little strange, but brushed off because I assumed he was gay due to his plethora of vibrant, floral shirts and the gulf of a decade that separated us in age.When I was a senior in college, I took this really difficult English literature class. At first, I tried to keep my cool and stay away from him, since he graded my papers and all. Fortunately, it worked: We spent the next hour chatting with the other professor about the crossover between intellectual and sexual stimulation. Another night, Peter came to pick me up from a senior event to go see a late-night movie.The only good thing about it was that my 35-year-old professor, Peter (not his real name), was so hot. But after a particularly flirty one-on-one meeting, I couldn't hold back. But while he was waiting for me in the parking lot, some of his students spotted him and asked him why he was there.I returned to my dorm room on cloud nine—drunk on sake and proud that I had finally caught the unicorn of undergraduates: I’d gotten naked with an RA.I spilled all to my roommates, who did not react the way I had imagined.

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They also essentially forbade me from seeing him alone again.

Here are 15 reasons to date a college professor: 1. Professors are smart, avid readers, and nerdy about the subjects they’re passionate about. Sure, they’re smart, but professors don’t pretend to know everything. Related to #7, they can count on that good living to continue. They understand the value of a good education — and hope to provide that for their students.

You can crush on a prof without stressing over finals. They are lifelong students, pursuing research grants, publishing papers and even taking sabbaticals to further explore their areas of expertise. Dust off your blazer and brush up on your current events.

Peter and I both knew he'd be in major trouble if word got out, so we did our best to keep our sexcapades stealthy.

But perhaps the worst almost-busted situation of all happened toward the end of the school year.

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