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All of a sudden, Candace realizes that Jeremy has never given her a nickname, and pulls out a homemade chart to prove it.

Meanwhile, Phineas and Ferb follow the ear-piercing sound and arrive at Baljeet's house.

This is quickly proven wrong as Jeremy walks over, calling out nicknames to everyone except Candace.

Shortly afterwards, Phineas, Ferb, Baljeet, and Buford arrive at the Summer Rocks concert in a white limo, dressed in leather, ragged t-shirts and spiky hair.

Meanwhile, Baljeet's band, The Baljeatles, go onstage.

As the Baljeatles' performance ends, Candace trips and falls on Jeremy while dancing, accidentally giving herself a nickname. I always thought more like Jeremy and I were two wheels, and you were separate, on a unicycle, all doot doot doodle doodle oot...

When she tells Jeremy he was supposed to come up with a nickname, and not herself, he tells her he didn't give her one because he likes her name, Candace. Lately I've been feeling like a third wheel around you guys... (carnival music, Candace mimes juggling on a unicycle)Candace: Wait a minute!

Phineas and Ferb confront Baljeet and Phineas tells him that, if it means anything, he gives him an A in rock. We're not gonna figure out what we are gonna do today as long as that noise keeps up!

Baljeet replies with, "No, that means almost nothing." Phineas: (starts to get angry) Okay, what the heck IS that sound?! Candace: If you don't stop that racket, I am so going to bust you...

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