Dating girl in raipur interpreting the past radiocarbon dating

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She worked as a sweeper for four months, earning a modest Rs 2400, which helped to supplement the family income.

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So she turned to her uncle, a porter, who helped her get a sweeper’s job at Raipur station.The work was arduous, without doubt, but now as the sole earning member of her family she had little choice but to carry on with all the courage she could muster.Born and brought up in Rajnandgaon, the pleasant looking and always smiling Parasai Sahu, is happy that she was able to give up her job as a sweeper and become a porter at the Raipur Railway Station.We have to smile at passengers and be pleasant to them in order to get their custom, and even that has been misinterpreted by our male colleagues, who floated rumours that we flirt with the passengers.” Things came to a head when a male porter physically threatened Maanbai and Sahu.The women were forced to report this to the station master who fortunately stood by them.

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