Dating friendship in ghana 2016

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Her favorite travel spots include Alaska, Oregon, Zanzibar, Switzerland and the Isle of Iona.I arrived in Ghana with little mindset of falling in love.Banku and fufu are traditional starchy Ghanaian dishes that take considerable time and effort to make.These dough balls also make up a large portion of the Ghanaian diet and some men can eat an impressive amount.Though I don’t usually condone lying, here are some tips and tricks I use to stretch the truth about my martial status when talking to Ghanaian men: In the short time I’ve been in Ghana, I’ve already made up about three different boyfriends/husbands.This is probably the easiest trick to remember and most guys will act bummed but usually let you go on your way without much hassle.At this point I’d been single for almost two years and I can’t stress how much I enjoyed it.

This tactic only works if you know the relative age of somebody and if he is a good bit younger than the age you can pull off.

If you can achieve a wide enough age gap, you’ll seem out of their reach and therefore not dateable.

Becoming friends with locals is a great for many reasons besides having them help you ward off potential suitors.

After I told my male coworkers that I was single, they spent the next two weeks telling me their plans to find me a Ghanaian husband.

While I appreciate their enthusiasm and compliments, constantly being approached about my love life gets old.

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