Dating for 60 days

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We are still taking it slow and moving on with our relationship, but I have learned a few things from my experience.

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I worked out, surfed, hiked and biked, took cooking classes and, wow..a huge change in me and him.

I now understand what it is like for a man to go through a breakup. They are so out of control, you can do nothing except watch them get it out of their system, and, yes, it did affect me in so many ways.

And from this data, I have fashioned a kind of prescription for slow-love, a sex detox, if you will, based on plenty of good research studies.In the 8 months I knew him for, the first 4 months he was acting crazy, getting drunk, going to the strip club with his buddies and then he told me “I don’t need you anymore.” And this was after we became close friends, sharing everything, spending lots of time together.... This was by far the worst pain I had ever felt in my life, and I cannot explain it.I was also disappointed as to why his friends coached him to stay away from me; they did not know me. He was telling a story with friends, so I sat a few seats away from him waiting for him to come over.In fact, western culture is obsessed with dating and mating.Dating has become an internet commerce, a television reality-show, and a hobby for many, many people.

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