Dating and flowers

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It's no wonder the flower symbolizes radiant charm and attractiveness.

If you want your bridal bouquet to tell the world how you feel about your groom, nothing says it better than red roses, which symbolize passionate love.

Also known as grape hyacinth, this flower develops small, urn-shaped blossoms that are usually purple (symbolizing mystery, calm, and creativity) but also comes in dark blue (for power and confidence).

For your wedding, choose the right color of this eternally cheerful bloom: A red poppy is linked to pleasure, yellow stands for wealth and success.

During Victorian times, for example, flowers were used to express emotions when words and gestures failed.

Though this bloom stands for two vastly different ideas: One, gracious lady, seems more fitting for such a lovely flower than its other meaning, deception.

It was named after Greek god Poseidon's son, Proteus, who could change his shape at will.

Well known for its diversity of brilliant colors, this rounded bloom is similar in appearance to camellias, with multiple layers of crepe-paper-thin petals.

Whoever said that flowers are essential in the dating world? The giving of flowers to the people important to us started since time immemorial.

Flowers have long been a symbol of love, friendship, appreciation, and many other symbolic relationships.

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