Dating a guy in the secret service

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When agents accompanied the Kennedys to Palm Beach, they'd often wear khakis and polos to better blend in with the crowds.

And Bill Clinton famously caused a security headache with his jogging habit: because he wanted to be out with the people, Clinton refused to use the White House track and would go on routes around DC, with several Secret Service personnel in matching short shorts following behind.

That means when the shooting starts and everyone is ducking you're making yourself as big as possible to get in the way of the bullets.

If you just need an example of how well it's ingrained in the training process, just watch the 1981 Reagan shooting and watch Tim Mc Carthy, one his agents. When you look at Mc Carthy there is no thinking, he just does it. They would say: if there's a gunshot, I'll grab the president, turn left, go down the hallway.

" said Visser All three women say they kept in touch with Huntington right up until his face suddenly appeared in newspapers around the world as the Secret Service agent who embarrassed President Obama and caused that international incident earlier this year in the South American nation of Colombia when he refused to pay a prostitute for services rendered.

It was only then that Scruggs and Visser found out that the man they had fallen for was married."I was very upset. Huntington and seven other agents were either fired or forced to resign.

And he'd come by and grab you on the elbow and say "What's your name? You're the president of the United States, you don't need my tailor. An Army two-star general, who was running the operation, let us know pretty clearly that there was a very real threat of mortar fire as we flew Air Force one into Bagram. There's always a tension between the White House staff and the Secret Service. So for close to fifty years our success rate was 100 per cent. We have operational units that do fight, but that's not the agents.

The White House staff's goal is to make the president look good, get him re-elected, make sure the optics are good. But that doesn't matter because we're in an error-free job. The agents are there to run because we're there to keep the president alive.

They further need to be versed in emergency medicine and "water survival skills," presumably due to the many seabound state dinners.

"I never saw a wedding ring," said Scruggs."He said he was divorced" all three women told INSIDE EDITION. He was a married father of two living in a house outside Washington D. Scruggs says he moved quickly to start a relationship with her.

She says she lived in his hotel room everytime he came to town to protect President Bush. Then in May 2008, the focus of the nation's attention turned to President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas outside Waco. "I met him on the day of Jenna Bush's wedding," said Holly Snow.

I'd like to give you a romantic description of the average work day, thinking: "You're under fire, you're fearing death." But you don't want to operate like that day-to-day. I was on for the last years of the George W Bush presidency and by that point he'd been pretty much Secret Serviced out.

His father was the president, he had been protected as governor of Texas, and by then he was nearing the end of a two-term presidency.

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