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Also, as a speakeasy was the only place to get a decent drink, so no respectable flapper would be seen without her personal hipflask neatly tied to her leg.

Chaps Some speakeasies were used as homes and offices by gangsters, who adopted an extravagant lifestyle.

Use your television to play old silent films in the background.

Play music, but hide your modern system with antique linen or a tablecloth.

It’s the Roaring Twenties – the era of Prohibition.

Bars are closed due to heavy saloon license fees and underground establishments that illegally sell alcoholic beverages have sprung up in their place.

Promote the retro bar ambience by purchasing old-looking bottles from secondhand stores and online.

Print out tabloid newspapers and leave them around the place.The lighting should be subdued – pop a few low-level lamps or small candle holders on the tables – empty liquor bottles fashioned into candelabras are another fun touch.If you have bartenders, they should be in some sort of uniform.The young wild folks, known as “flappers and dappers”, drink, smoke and dance all night at these “speakeasies”, having a good time and getting a little “loosey-goosey” without having to worry about being in trouble for doing so.This is a fun theme for birthday parties or inventive engagement parties.

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