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The Book of Mormon includes mistranslated biblical passages that were later changed in Joseph Smith's translation of the Bible.

These Book of Mormon verses should match the inspired JST version instead of the incorrect KJV version that Joseph later fixed.

I've decided to put down in writing just about all the major concerns that I have.

We suggest that you download the free Libre Office so you can open most file formats. Download the files by clicking the icons found at the bottom of each description page.The problem with this is that (a) Christ quoted Isaiah in Matt.-15 and did not mention the Red Sea, (b) "Red" sea is not found in any source manuscripts, and (c) the Red Sea is 250 miles away.I was a very active and fully believing member my entire life up until around the summer of 2012.My grandpa already outlined my life events to you in his email so I think you get the idea that I accepted and embraced Mormonism.

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