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For three years, Dave Roberts became Lord Brett Sinclair.He had lots of admirers, lots of sex and even bagged himself a bride. Dave lived in a fantasy land – or more specifically, in chatrooms on the Internet.In the Philippines, there are currently four laws that criminalise the online sexual exploitation of children: an anti-trafficking law, anti-child pornography law, anti-cybercrime law and the anti-child abuse law.Our work in the Philippines will therefore encompass the application of all four laws, which will include those to stop and prevent child pornography.Those three years in cyber world were surreal and I met a lot of people who lived in the same fantasy land as I did.

When your fantasy world and your real world collide it’s very awkward.I lost my cyber virginity to Jacqui, or Lady Gwinnivear as she was also known.She concocted a medieval fantasy where I had to rescue her from a locked tower.‘A healthy enthusiasm adds to life but an addiction takes away from it,’ says Griffiths.Cybersex trafficking is a growing and devastating form of modern-day slavery.

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