Childless by choice dating

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By deciding that it had to be a life that would not have been possible if I had children, I opened a vast field of opportunity that had previously been beyond my imagination.

By the second year, I had a steady partner who was charming, creative, sexy, committed, years younger, and didn’t care if he had kids.

I’m willing to take a risk by contacting women who list that they are “not sure” about wanting children.When we are willing to live in the present and walk bravely into the mystery that unfolds before us, we can create and recognize opportunities that are often beyond our imagination.Through the healing work I did, and now teach, in the Hoffman Process, I learned how experiences in our early years, especially birth through puberty, create false beliefs, mostly unconsciously and without our consent, about how we have to be and what we must have to belong, be loved, worthy, safe and successful.At one time I wanted children desperately, but now I can’t imagine motherhood ever being a part of my life. I moved through the maze of what were, at times, conflicting and confusing options to create a life of adventure, creativity, satisfaction, and passion.It just wasn’t at all the life I imagined it would be.

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