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And he was very obnoxious and creepy – he became very unlikable and rude and imposing as though he was trying to intimidate. Bachelor #1turned out to be one of the worst serial killers in US history.

Earlier this year Malcolm Gladwell wrote an attention-grabbing piece about the predatory tactics of paedophiles.

And his ego was riding on it.” John Wayne Gacy was another killer who was happy to share his fantasy life with the outside world.

A successful builder and a popular neighbour in Norwood Park, Chicago in the 1970s, Gacy was active in Democratic Party politics and even got himself photographed with First Lady Rosalynn Carter.

Alcala’s is also a tragic story of near misses perpetuated by a hopelessly liberal justice system. The police pursued him but he escaped to New York where he joined the film school at NYU and even worked as a counselor at an arts camp for kids.

Two children at the camp noticed him on an FBI wanted poster and he was extradited back to California.

Another disturbing similarity between Gacy and Alcala is that both were men with pre-existing criminal records, yet this didn’t impede them nearly as much as it should.

In Alcala’s case, The Dating Game was a proxy for what he might actually do to women: win their confidence and then rape them.Sandusky was repeatedly accused of sexual misdemeanours, yet the complaints were dismissed as misunderstandings — as just “Jerry being Jerry.” That some molesters can be so open and get away with it says something chilling about the way our children are protected by public institutions.To quote Gladwell, “When monsters roam free, we assume that people in positions of authority ought to be able to catch them if only they did their jobs.Crime profiler Pat Brown says that Alcala “was aware that he could say things that were considered sexy and funny and the girl would like that.He watched the game and he gave those answers and he won, so he learned some tricks.” But in the green room, once the performance was over, he had no need to be nice to poor Cheryl anymore. [The other contestants] were his enemies, and he had to beat them to get the girl and he wanted to win. This guy was going on the show to prove how special and wonderful he was.

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