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They formed small enclosures about their homes, and in what were literally gardens, they soon brought to blossoming, urged by a higher spiritual need, the favourite flowers of their old English homes and gardens.Some of these early Colonial American gardens were reasonably commodious and notably fruitful.The first permanent settlements in America were made in Virginia in 1607 and in Massachusetts in 1620.Other colonies were planted soon after, notably the one at New Amsterdam (now New York), the one in Maryland, Penn’s settlement at Philadelphia, and the Carolinas.

Up at the far end of the bay, the 'centre' of the town, a waterfront piazza rather blighted by advertising boards for eateries, is useful for eating and shopping but otherwise isn't much to write home about.The symbol of Mondello is the striking Art Nouveau building on a pier in the middle of the bay, the Charleston.Dating back to the more elegant heyday of the resort, this has been restored and sits in yellow glory over the blue waters of the bay, while children splash around below.This is particularly true of the markets, whose Arabic origins are still evident today thanks to their noise, smells, colours, narrow labyrinthine streets, the splendid array of food and other goods on display and the general ‘souk’ atmosphere.Mondello is a small seaside resort with a wonderful beach just a short bus ride from the centre of the Sicilian capital Palermo.

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