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You aren’t interested in just anyone who gives you a little attention.

Unless he’s looking for a quick no-nonsense hook up, he’s probably not going to be interested in a girl who has no standards whatsoever.

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We all set goals to push ourselves past our comfort zone, and if he pursues you even though you’re not a sure thing, it’s because he wants to prove his own worth. Since you aren’t willing to settle for just anyone, you must be fine with the idea of staying single if that’s what it comes down to.

That probably means you’re independent and you can take care of yourself, and what guys doesn’t love that?

What To Do Instead: Pay Attention To Everyone If you’re in a group conversation and want to seem high value and challenging, the best thing you can do is be the person who talks to in the group.(Photo: Stuart Mudie) The truth is, ‘being challenging’ doesn’t mean putting up obstacles he has to get over.It means being exceptional enough that he wants to live up to your standard. But you’re being honest in a way that directly says “I don’t value something you invested your heart and soul into”, which translates in his mind to: “I don’t value what you do.” Whether you’re just trying to act unfazed, or are spilling your brutally honest opinion, this is only going to make a guy feel worth less than his best around you and drive him want to be around someone who actually values his accomplishments.So if he asks you about sports, after you tell him what you play, you can say: “Physical activity is so important to me. What To Do Instead: Display integrity in front of others I’m not saying you can’t make jokes about him in company, but you never want to make him a rival.I love a guy who makes time to keep fit.” This way, even if he’s not living up to a certain standard right now, you are subconsciously telling him: “I’m not impossible to impress, but I have certain standards”. 2: Mocking him in front of others Only a rookie tries to be challenging by knocking a guy’s ego in front of others. Otherwise he’s going to become defensive and close up in your presence. This means vocalizing when you disagree with him and not following whatever he thinks, but also showing a respect for his opinion and always laughing .

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