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The question Houseparty will face now that the company is ready to talk about it is that same one that dogged Meerkat: can it last?Last spring, when his company’s live-streaming app Meerkat became an overnight sensation, Ben Rubin explained its popularity with two words: "spontaneous togetherness." Starting a broadcast with a couple of taps from a mobile phone, reaching a huge audience of friends and interested strangers, proved irresistible when Meerkat had its breakout moment at South by Southwest.100% Exclusive Content members area contains a large library of photosets and i plan on keeping it updated for you guys for a long long time!Members will find high resolution photos up to 4000px inside, as well as 1080p videos! Included in my skype shows, but if you want to control my toys while we sext or just on snapchat, or while in a MEMBERS ONLY show - Now you can! Do not click on the link until you are ready to play with me!!Email/Chat/Sext me to arrange a time before activation. Become my snapchat member to get access to things that the public, or even my members doesn't get to see. Interactive Toys and Picture in Picture are available. The majority said broadcasts were the most fun when a close friend or family member joined the broadcast to talk with them.Rubin wondered whether that might serve as the basis for Meerkat’s next act.

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It’s not quite yet in a place where it can justify a whole new medium and a whole new set of behaviors where everyone is doing it on a daily basis." In August the company — whose actual name is Life on Air — went back to the drawing board.

As they had before, the company hacked together a working prototype.

Open the app and it would immediately begin to broadcast using the front-facing camera, while notifying your friends that you were live — or as the company now says, "in the house." Up to seven other friends could join you with a tap, appearing on your phone’s screen in video windows of their own.

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The company that turned live-streaming into a sensation last year is ready to introduce its next act.

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