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This bad news for Sirius is also bad news for Radio Shack Corp. ashevillelist com celebrex html link medicine prescription.

announced that it would cut year-end 2006 subscriber guidance to between 5.9 and 6.1 million. This year’s retail sales results will be hurt by lackluster holiday sales.

I get dropouts regularly, and that is my biggest pet peeve with satellite radio. Sirius, please do away with this new timeout feature.

If they are not creating a monopoly (and only an idiot would think they aren’t — how many other satellite radio operators are there? I put it aside for the time being, swapped activation from the old radio to the new (another cost-cutting area for Sirius — support personnel from India — so I had to speak slowly and repeat nearly every other sentence… This allows you to send the Sirius signal to your car’s radio.

), then they should be regulated as all radio is regulated (for better or worse). Even an i Pod adapter has a stronger signal than the Stratus 4!

For many, morning rituals of watching New York City morning news, or catching tidbits from ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox stations from outside their local markets.

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