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Also, everyone's bi and poly because I have some issues with my own orientation and project onto fictional characters as a coping mechanism. This all takes place in a world where Beforeus and Afterus have merged into one dimension, there is a Beforus and Afterus version of every troll, unless one or the other has been killed.

Technically porn with plot, although it does bear mentioning that the plot is basically just a bunch of slightly contrived reasons for characters to do it so I can get better at writing smut scenes. Cronus finds the Afterus versions of the Vantas brothers and takes them under his wing.

The gang threatens victims with public humiliation through the uploading of their lewd videos to the Internet. Joana Fabro said one of the rescued minors was a young boy who earned P70,000 in his first three days at work with the gang.

Cecilia Caparas-Regalachuela, a businesswoman from Tondo, Manila, and her alleged accomplices Rommel Manucon, Glen Bautista, Rachel Manicon, Mark Andre Rafol, Jenny Espiritu, Randy Espiritu and Mark Tabuso, all residents of San Jose del Monte City and Norzagaray. Gilbert Sosa, head of the Philippine National Police anticybercrime group (ACG), said Regalachuela was the suspected leader of the gang, which targeted mostly Asians from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Macau.

The raiding teams seized 106 units of electronic devices, including mobile phones, computer laptops, data storage devices and a camera.

Goddamn, Frank and Matt just cannot catch a break, can they? Hux manipulates them both, but Ren finds a way around Hux’s stupid forfeit. In other words: Armitage is a dick with no idea how to treat people, Kylo thinks he’s smart, and Doph discovers that his imagination is better than he ever suspected.

This was inspired by the shit tonne of xreader fics I read and the absolute best one I read is a don/reader called "Unexpected Chat".

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