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I swish a large mouthful of whiskey around in my mouth so as to smell of alcohol and I smear on a petroleum base salve that my study group and I had concocted in chemistry class. I drive my car to the front of my Aunties, and park and go to the front door. She looks out of the window in the door and sees me and turns on the light to be sure. " She says, as she hugs me close as she always does except this time as I hug her back I press my hard cock against her stomach. She said she was going to bed and I was welcome to use the bedroom across the hallway.

It would keep my cock slippery and in addition had the additive to make the skin of a female vulva flush like it was in heat. I can see her huge smile her nephew has showed up even though it is very late for her. I knew exactly that she would as it always happened this way.

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Her pussy was flooding by now from the salve on my cock and I was sure her body was going to start reacting soon.I pinned her chest down with my upper body and wiggled my hips between her legs till my cock was pressing up against her panty covered pussy.With one had I quickly pulled her panties to the side of her crotch and nestled my cock tip against her pussy.When I could feel her pussy opening I kept her pinned to the bed and gave a shove and my cock tip pushed past her pussy lips. Sorry Auntie, cry all you want, but you are getting fucked for sure, I thought as I wiggled a little more cock into her tight pussy.I was so hot I thought I was going to cream all over her right there. My Auntie had gone still now that I had entered her and was pretty much motionless now just crying softly, and whispering, no, please noooo.

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