Are taraji and michael ealy dating

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Book stores can't keep it in stock, you can't even get it on Kindle, and women worship it like chocolate covered diamonds. Henson, Regina Hall, and Meagan Good make up the ladies who use Harvey's words to try and transform their guys, even though they fit into neat little categories as well, like the "90 Day Rule" girl and the single mom.

When any of the characters talk about the opposite sex, none of them say anything remotely new.

Many of the connecting stories don't stretch beyond familiar territory, with the exception being Ealy and Henson's sexy courtship.

Put them in the closet until they can come out and act right. But what I'm saying is we have to allow each other to be human and we have to allow humans to make mistakes and to be big enough to forgive them.

Have you gotten any sort of criticism for supporting him?

You have to talk to people honestly, and you gotta be passionate about stuff.

I mean, I was happy for him because I know he really wants to act.

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