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Submitting incorrect or incomplete forms can add time and unnecessary costs to your divorce.When completing your documents, avoid signing any affidavits or statements until you are in the presence of a notary public. Many county courts have a notary available on site, but be sure to call and confirm before you go to submit your forms.Mississippi allows both fault-based and no-fault divorces.In a fault-based divorce, you must prove that one party was responsible for the divorce citing “grounds” accepted by the state.The decision to get divorced is never an easy one to make.You have probably gone through considerable stress to arrive at this choice, and you likely want to find the easiest, quickest way to end your marriage that you possibly can.If the court approves the waiver request, you will not have to pay the fee.Once you submit your paperwork and the state filing fee is considered paid, the clerk will stamp and file your documents.

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Unfortunately, Mississippi does not make it particularly easy to find its divorce papers online.If this is the case, starting the process can be as simple as filling out the correct Mississippi divorce papers and submitting them to your county clerk.Completing the required divorce papers for Mississippi online with Complete can make the process even simpler.If you’re in a more involved or challenging situation it may be advisable to seek the assistance of a divorce attorney.We’ve compiled the following information to help you learn more about divorce in Mississippi, and how you can start moving forward with your own divorce.

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