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As one would expect, adults purchase goods online at a much higher rate than teens.As of April 2009, three in four online adults (75%) report purchasing a product online such as books, music, toys or clothing.

A bit more than one in six (17%) internet-using teens look online for information about sensitive health topics, statistically equivalent to the 22% who reported such searches in 2004.The key age divide among adult online health information seekers is 50 years of age.Seven in ten adults under age 50 are online health information seekers—72% of those under age 30 and 71% of those age 30-49.However, in 2004, non-white teens and teens with less well-educated parents were more likely to look online for answers to health questions that were hard to ask of others.A December 2008 Pew Internet survey of adults 18 and older indicates that overall, six in ten adults are online health information seekers.

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