Adult instant messaging

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The concept is simple — companies concerned with its current products, profits and customers often fail to recognize and adapt to change even from within. AOL is still pivoting away from its days as an ISP.Under the leadership of Tim Armstrong it now focuses on video and its ad network.AOL had become a behemoth in the early days of the consumer Internet.It handled around 180,000 simultaneous connections. Bosco said the goals for AOL's messenger were set much higher: 5 million simultaneous users.At first, AOL users who logged on were not greeted with a list of fellow friends online.But AOL did have a manual way to search for said friends, if you knew their exact screennames.

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Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen coined the term, which is the title of his renowned book. The app, which Facebook bought for billion, is essentially what they worked on in the mid 90s — messaging over the Internet.Appelman joined after his time at IBM, where he worked on some of the first standards to connect computers over the Internet (through what are known as Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol or TCP/IP).Before building a messaging program for the Internet, he created something else that would eventually spawn AIM.In another life, before a disastrous acquisition of Time Warner, it brought the Internet into the homes of Americans and controlled the program that popularized online messaging without ever really meaning to.It would be easier to call AIM ahead of its time if it had not become so wildly popular almost immediately after its launch.

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