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Dub Name Change: Ai: "While pursuing the truth and justice without thinking about consequences..stand the strain of all pressure alone in order to protect everyone...

Such boy-like temperaments of yours are astonishingly intriguing, however... That clean scent of yours is strangling her, us, and yourself with loneliness and danger.", Latin American Spanish dub) Jessica Toledo (third Latin American Spanish dub), Berta Cortés (first European Spanish dub), Diana de Guzmán (second European Spanish dub, first part), Carolina Tak (second European Spanish dub, second part and movies), Nuria Trifol (third European Spanish dub), Tomoka Kurokawa (2006 Live-Action Drama Actress), Shiori Kutsuna (2011 Live-Action Drama Actress)Shinichi's childhood friend and love-interest.

Ran also wishes for her parents to get back together and tries but fails time and time again at forcing a set-up between the two.

He runs a private detective agency, but is mostly out of the job due to his constant drinking, gambling, womanizing and being described as a joke regarding the cases he actually takes.

That all changes after Shinichi shrinks and needs a scrapegoat to solve the cases for him; bringing to life the , which Kogoro later becomes famous for and allows him to take more noteworthy cases.

murders, thefts, and kidnappings are popping up all around, and what better way to pass the time than to solve them all?

Mandatory naming note: "Shin'ichi" has various possible spellings - the one used here is 'new one', possibly referring to his being the 'Holmes of the Twentieth Century/New Era', but may also be a reference to the Japanese writer Shinichi Hoshi. There's also another possible explanation: his name could be a pun on 'one truth', because the 'shin' of Shinichi can be read as the character for 'truth' or the character for 'new'.

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