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Adult winter survival, particularly breeding-age cows, was “bulletproof,” he said, so any decline in herds will likely be replaced next year, barring another extreme winter.

While Idaho is reliving some of its glory years for elk hunting, the location of the animals has changed.

They will see similar numbers of elk and white-tailed deer, but fewer mule deer.

Mule deer Last winter took its toll on mule deer, particularly young bucks, because most of the fawns born last year died during winter, and they would have been two-points this fall.

During record harvests in the 1990s, Central Idaho’s backcountry and wilderness areas were major contributors.

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So what does all that mean for big game hunters taking to the field this fall?While last winter’s mule deer fawn survival was well below average, it was still not catastrophic to the overall mule deer population.Adult mule deer doe survival was 90 percent, and although Fish and Game does not radio collar adult bucks and monitor them during winter, their survival likely tracked similar to does.With a normal, upcoming winter, the herds could quickly rebound.To aid that, Fish and Game has reduced doe permits for most hunting units in southern and central Idaho to help more of them survive into breeding season.

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