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They're coming home with clarity and direction on not only who God is calling them to be, but what direction their lives should take. Find My Trip Adventures in Missions is a Christian ministry that sends thousands of people on mission trips every year.

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The measure would have amended the state constitution to provide for the “inalienable right to life” at every stage of human development.

The Human Life Amendment will give the state needed legal protection against a judge inventing a right to abortion. Is there a threat that state judges will find a right to abortion in north dakota’s state constitution?

Not only is there a threat, but this is exactly what happened recently in Fargo.

With a focus on prayer and discipleship, our goal is to see lives radically transformed by God.

We offer many types of short-term mission trips, like high school mission trips, college mission trips, adult missions trips and family missions trips, with many options for Christian youth groups, including opportunities to customize your own mission trip.

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