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However, if you actively work on the communication skills required to steer life’s challenges, you have a successful life long relationship.

Couples who have the skills to talk calmly about their issues are able to sort out the many challenges life can bring.

“She’s the most genuine, generous and selfless person that I’ve ever met . “I felt safe discussing them behind the screen.” They kept their online communication hidden from their parents for two years.

“I swear, I was a very honest child up until that point.

Tell us why we should feature your nuptials here] Hundreds of miles away, Steve Casazza, then 15 and a sophomore in Long Valley, N.

J., also was logging on to a chat room for the first time.

Sometimes upsetting situations can lead to more serious marital problems.

Their conversation was easy, and they quickly became online pen pals, exchanging messages about once a week.

Unlike such apps as Facebook and Snapchat that are popular with teens today, chat rooms offered anonymity.

“I guess I had nothing else to do but talk to the friends that I had just seen for hours and hours,” recalls the 27-year-old interior designer.

“I remember we had dial-up back then, and I’d get scolded by my parents if I was talking too long because it would use up our phone line.” [Are you getting married in the Washington region?

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